Katja Krasavice Kind

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Katja Krasavice Kind
Katja Krasavice Kind

Katja Krasavice Kind – Katja Krasavice krasa’vjits, real: Katrin Vogel, born August 10, 1996 in Teplice, Czech Republic German singer, rapper, novelist, and video blogger Katrin Vogelová. Vogel was born to a Czech mother with photography training in the town of Teplice in northern Bohemia in 1996. In Vogel’s early years, her mother uprooted her and her three half-siblings to the Saxony village of Liebschütz, where her new husband was from.

A younger brother of mine passed away from cancer when he was just five years old. Alcoholism and violence towards her mother ensued when he became her stepfather. Her second brother, when she was only eleven years old, took his own life in a jail cell. After learning that her stepfather was the perpetrator of sexual assault against her friends, she decided to testify against him in court. They then went to live with her aunt and uncle in Leipzig.

There she went to high school, but she dropped out before she could graduate.Vogel debuted as Katja Krasavice on YouTube in 2014. In Czech, a “krasavice” is a lovely woman. She became widely recognized as a “sex youtuber” in German-speaking nations because to her racy wardrobe, open embrace of porn culture, advocacy for cosmetic surgery, and frank discussions of her own sexuality.Krasavice’s debut single, Doggy, was released at the year’s end of 2017 and spent one week at No. 7 on the German singles charts.

Her second single, titled “Thick Lips,” was released in April of 2018. In August of 2018, she released her third single, Sex Tape. She worked with German music producer Stard Ova on the writing and production of all three songs.After competing in the sixth season of Celebrity Big Brother in August 2018, Krasavice ultimately finished in sixth place.Her contract with Warner Music was revealed in July of 2019.

Shortly after that, she stopped posting videos to her main Katja Krasavice channel and instead solely updates her music channel, Katja Krasavice Music. Released in January of 2020, Boss Bitch quickly climbed to the top of the German album charts upon its initial release. The album’s lead track, “Gucci Girl,” alludes to Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” from 1997.In June of 2020, she released her debut novel, The Bitch Bible, which debuted at #2 on the Spiegel nonfiction bestseller list that month.

She collaborated with musician Elif on the album Eure Mami, the fourth song from which was released in January 2021 under the name Highway. The single ended up at the top of the German charts.Your Mami, her second album, followed.In Germany, this album also topped the charts.Middle of April 2021 saw the announcement of a project with US rappers Saweetie and Doja Cat. Best Friend, a collaboration between Krasavice and the latter, topped the German singles chart the week after its release, and now there’s a Krasavice-featuring remix available.

It was in March of 2021 that Krasavice first appeared on the RTL show Daily freshly roasted. She gave 50,000 euros to the event Ein Herz für Kinder in December 2021. She and her company gave away 100,000 Euros in 2022 on the same program.When Krasavice announced the lineup for her third studio album in January 2022, fans were quick to point out that the record will have guest appearances from Haiyti, who had previously made homophobic remarks.

In response, she said she would investigate into the claims and that the collaborative single Tik Tak might be cut from the album pending the results of her investigation. Krasavice cut the track from the album due to artistic differences.Pussy Power, her third studio album, was released in February 2022. The first single under that name was published in September 2021 and quickly rose to the top of the German singles chart.

Her second collaboration with Leony, titled “Raindrops,” was published in November 2021 and immediately topped the German charts. In Germany, too, the album topped the charts.German-Czech singer, rapper, and ex-YouTuber Katrin Vogelová, born 10 August 1996 in Teplice, Czech Republic, is better known by her stage name, Katja Krasavice.In Teplice, Czech Republic, on August 10, 1996, Katja Krasavice was born to a Czech mother and a Slovakian father.

Krasavice’s family relocated to Liebschütz, Germany, when he was a young child. Krasavice lost her sibling to thigh cancer when she was just five years old. As a result of this tragedy, her father turned to drink and began mistreating her mother. Her younger brother committed suicide in jail when she was just 11 years old.Krasavice eventually testified in court against her father, who had sexually molested her friends.

Krasavice created a self-image centered on her sexuality as a means of coping with her traumatic experiences. Krasavice experienced severe bullying later in school. She went to a gymnasium but never finished high school. 1 On March 29, 2014, Katja Krasavice launched a channel on YouTube. Krasavice first gained notoriety as “the sex YouTuber” “die Sex-YouTuberin” because to her revealing clothing, unapologetic acceptance of porn culture, role as an advocate for plastic surgery, and open, honest discussion of her sexuality, preferences, and tactics.

Katja Krasavice Kind

Although her rise to fame was not without controversy, she managed to amass a large fan base rather rapidly, with 100,000 new subscribers in 2015 and 500,000 new ones in 2016. Katja’s online fame led to her appearance on the sixth season of Promi Big Brother in 2018, where she finished in sixth place. Krasavice decided to make music her primary career and start a new channel in 2019, therefore she deleted all of her old videos.

Presently, there are 1.43 million people subscribed to her channel despite the fact that she is dead. After that, Krasavice flat-out stopped wanting to be identified as a YouTuber. Katja’s first single, Doggy, a fun sex-themed novelty dance tune produced by Stard Ova, was released in November 2017 while she was still an active YouTuber. The single reached number seven in Germany and number five in Austria in the charts there.g Kleidung, entschuldigungslose Akzeptanz der Pornokultur,

Rolle als Fürsprecherin für plastische Chirurgie und offene, ehrliche Diskussion über ihre Sexualität, Vorlieben und Taktiken. Obwohl ihr Aufstieg zum Ruhm nicht unumstritten war, gelang es ihr ziemlich schnell, eine große Fangemeinde aufzubauen, mit 100.000 neuen Abonnenten im Jahr 2015 und 500.000 neuen im Jahr 2016. Katjas Online-Ruhm führte zu ihrem Auftritt in der sechsten Staffel von Promi Big Brother in 2018, wo sie den sechsten Platz belegte.

Krasavice beschloss, Musik zu ihrer Hauptkarriere zu machen und 2019 einen neuen Kanal zu starten, deshalb löschte sie alle ihre alten Videos. Derzeit haben 1,43 Millionen Menschen ihren Kanal abonniert, obwohl sie tot ist. Danach wollte Krasavice nicht mehr als YouTuber identifiziert werden. Katjas erste Single, Doggy, eine lustige Tanzmelodie zum Thema Sex, produziert von Stard Ova, wurde im November 2017 veröffentlicht, als sie noch eine aktive YouTuberin war.Die Single erreichte in Deutschland Platz sieben und in Österreich Platz fünf der dortigen Charts.

Katja Krasavice Kind
Katja Krasavice Kind

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